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Flavored Midwakh

The pipes may be custom made, allowing the smoker to specify the dimensions and design. Midwakh are crafted from a variety of materials including wood, bone, base metal, marble, steel, gold, silver, plastic (with a metal bowl), or glass. They may incorporate precious items such as diamonds, gemstones and rings of precious metal inscribed with symbols, such as a falcon similar to the one shown in the UAE coat of arms. The pipe may be crafted to resemble a dromedary camel, a highly revered animal in the UAE; the opening of the bowl shaped as the camel’s mouth, with a small hole connected to a metal shaft inside the body of the pipe to conduct the smoke to the user. Among many modern variations of the midwakh, some are covertly disguised as pens, some can be split apart for cleaning, and some can have double bowls or double stems. Most midwakhs crafted today have a mouthpiece sized to fit a plastic filter. We are providing Electoric Midwakh for better vaping experience this also known as Dhoka

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